Meat- & fish industry agriculture cold storage



  • Anticipating dehydration of stocked commodities, also at negative storage temperatures.
  • Avoiding dehydration of meat and fish during the freezing process.


Almost every kind of food is hygroscopic and is influenced by humidity or the lack of it.

Potatoes, stored in special humidified and cooled areas keep fresh for a longer time and are better resistant to germs and fungae.

Fruit, kept in a sound and humidified room, will consequently remain salable for a longer period.



FOOD INDUSTRY Ideal temperature (°C) Ideal RH (%)
Apple storage -1-0 75-85
Banana ripening 20 90-95
Banana storage 16 85-90
Citrus fruits storage 16 85
Egg storage 2-13 75-80
Corn and grain storage 16 30-40
Cool storage of beef 4 80
Mushroom storage 0-2 80-85
Mushroom growth chamber variable 60-85
Potato storage 4-16 85-90
Production variable 60-85
Sugar 27 30
Tomato storage 1 85
Tomato ripening 21 85