Car industry



Improvement working conditions by adiabatic cooling.Creation of a healthy working area.Relative humidity as process - parameter during water borne paintingReduction of production failures:


  • static discharge of car bodies and dust
  • air purification: dust is washed out of the air and evacuated by a pump
  • increase of air density : areas are kept dust-free
  • avoid whirling dust



DaimlerChrysler Stuttgart (D) Renault - Dacia Pitesti (RO)
DaimlerChrysler Wörth (UK) Renault Douai (F)
GM Ellesmereport (UK)

Renault - Douai (F)
GM Luton (UK) VW Brussel (B)
Land Rover Solihull - Birmingham (UK) VW Wolfsburg (D)



Results after research


Renault Douai (F) - Microscopic dust research.
Land Rover Solihull - Evaluation of the installation.
GM - Medical and hygienic results after research.
VW - Brussels (B) Reseach Static Discharge in function of the RH.