Air humidification

Centrifugal Humidifier TYPE ???E??? Type E and Type EPA

Centrifugal Humidifier TYPE ???E??? Type "E" and Type "EPA"

Most effective in low ceiled areas and in places where the noise of compressed air is considered disturbing. Water is projected onto a horizontal rotating disc where it is dispersed 360° around the humidification unit.


The built-in fan spreads the ultra fine atomisation into the area.


  • Water-flow : adjustable from 2 to 20 liter / hour
  • Motor : 2900 Rev. / min., 220 V ,  50 Hz,  200 Watt
  • Weight : 15 kg.
  • Colour : "neutral green"


Other advantages Type "EPA":

  • the dust particles are filtered and removed out of the air
  • adjustable water-flow


Applied in:

  • The car industry
  • The plastic industry
  • The wood working
  • The tobacco industry
  • The paper and printing business